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Jason Soares - Professional Fighter


2011 Fila World Grappling Champion Expert Grappling Record Of 25-1 With 23 Submissions.

Jason at weigh ins...

Undefeated professional MMA Figther. (3-0-0) .

UFC Ultimate Fighter Assistant Coach for 2 seasons: Ultimate Fighter Cruz vs Faber & Ultimate Fighter Team UK vs Australia

Alex Malave - Internet Marketer

Before automatic sixpack

After automatic sixpack


Jason Soares & Alex Malave Team Up to Launch Automatic Six Pack...

This system is designed to get you six pack abs... AND more importantly designed ot help you keep your six pack abs.

There's nothing worse than getting in the best shape of your life... only to lose it a few weeks later when you stop doing all the routines that got you the results.

Automatic sixpack is a program that focuses on rapidly getting six pack abs in a sustainable way.

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